A ONE-STOP Sustainable B2B HUB 

The Power of the Impactivation Business Intelligence comes from its dynamic infrastructure which transforms your (Impact, EHS, SDG, ESG) investments and finance challenges; to find the best Economic Sustainability Balance, by showing potential consequences of decision-making using our impact-simulator before acting.

Today, companies across the globe are using business analytics to find trends in consumer behaviour, predict future asset longevity, as well as to detect weakness, corruption and fraud. We are fueling big data of the Sustainable Business World with the use of technologies, such as SCADAs, CEMS, and other industrial IoT devices. 

By utilising innovative Business Intelligence in addition to our Impactivation analytic software to safeguard operations, we can improve wealth through analysis and risk assessment on a multitude of big data now available within a safe society. Finance professionals can confidently engage with executives, leaders of operations, and regulators – to not only find insightful solutions but also become more forward thinking for long-term value creation across the company’s operations.

Is your business Impactivation-Proof? 

If you are unsure, we will prove how our approach can help in keeping your operations within legal regulation while avoiding criticism from social and environmental movements. You will safely develop your new products and services within your own password-protected SDG, EHS & ESG Impact Laboratory – which is part of our IMPSYZ Risk Platform. As an IPP Member (Impsyz Partnership Program) you will have access to a discrete and secured Virtual Office, and here you can innovate and simulate solutions until you are ready to launch; you will enjoy our Impact Laboratory with privileged access to our project tools.

How can we be so sure you get all available knowledge in one place, acknowledging our limitation as individuals and as an organisation?  

Impactivation entices everyone to consider specific clients, as well as fundamental problems. The goal is to forge solutions in Equilibrium, which balance the trade-offs between our clients’ aims, and the different aspects of operational sustainability. So, any product or service that is Impactivation-proof follows the Sustainable Development Goals optimally when launched in markets. 

Our competitive edge:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is a fundamentally changing business; it extracts real value from big data to find new business opportunities, supply better customer service, and massively improve productivity.
  • Global B2B Knowledge Expert networks in all disciplines and sectors
  • A discretional virtual workspace for product and project development, which comes along with a dynamic laboratory testing consequence of solutions to help you avoid making costly decisions to humanity, money and nature
  • Access to predictive analytics and sustainability simulations technology with machine learning (AI), and de-centralised 3D industrial production
  • A Sustainability Certification system for SDG, EHS and ESG qualification
  • A sustainable platform for project pitching, funding, growth & management
  • A sustainable trading service that offers a safe supply-chain and qualified Blockchain–based Escrow Service with tailored payment solutions, invoicing and logistics
  • A Sustainability & Impact Economic Academy, supplying a certifying education for consults and advisors working within invest, finance, funding, business development, management, environment, energy, resources, production, forestry, agriculture, EHS, ESG and sustainability
  • Sustainability Business Ranking & Certification for credibility and equity building
  • The Global Impact Forum for Finance, Industry 4.0, Innovation & Cyber Security
  • Cyber-Robotic Intelligence Forum, Hacker & Crime preventing technology

You can bring your business up to date with the latest technologies by merely implementing IMPSYZ to your operations; you should become an IPP Member with full access to a global modern business platform. Technologies are driving research, science, business developments and politics. Sustainability-proof systems will help shape your business and form your organisation the way you would like but now with the support and strength of Global Sustainability.

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