IMPSYZ – Seller, Introducer & Advisor program

B2B & B2C Sales & Services

By approving the IMPSYZ T&C, you can start to work as a B2B Introducer, meaning you can introduce the IMPSYZ Business & Partnership Hub, including products, services and projects on the informational and educational basis to persons and organisation interested in a presentation or introduction.

Each partner of the IMPSYZ Hub can add themselves, their products, business and services to the Introducers Service List to take advantage of their local and International Sales & Marketing Network. You can build your service network globally with an unlimited number of customers and clients benefitting from your services or products.

IMPSYZ Business Partners can independently decide the grade of education, information, experience or professionality they want from Sellers, Introducers and Advisors they approve to work with, in some cases, even set up peer-2-peer agreements within their partnership agreement and service level.

For active Introducers, we will set up a short agreement with payments details for commissions and bonuses earned and paid out bi-weekly to their bank account or Impsyz debit-card.

IMPSYZ do not sell or market any investments or financial products as a broker or agent; therefore you only introduce the product, service or project in the means of providing simple general information.

Should your work lead to a request for more details in connection with a specific project, product or introduction you’ve made it’s not your job to answer or explain economic or financial details others than any commissions and bonus agreements available. You inform the prospect the detailed inquiry will be handed over to a certified IMPSYZ staff and they will take it from here on your behalf.

Should your customer and client become interested in developing their business network, you can become their IMPSYZ Advisor and Mentor, as such you will be entitled to an agreed project, sales, advisory and success bonus.

As an active Introducer and Advisor, you can assist sales and marketing motivated Impsyz Partners to reach their goals and even improve them further by assisting in finding new business, project funding, technologies, partner projects and products of interest.

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