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Impactivation & Impsyz questions and answersYESNO
Can I use IMPSYZ to avoid losing money?YES
Can anyone use IMPSYZ to fraud or embezzle me?NO
Will it protect me from fraud?YES
Can I detect and avoid corruption by using Impactivation?YES
Will the Impactivation Simulator be costly to use?NO
Will it be cost-efficient? YES
Can I use it to grow my business?YES
Can it limit any part of future plans and development?NO
Can it give me a competitive benefit in the market?YES
Can my business have more than one membership?NO
Can my business account have several users?YES
Can each user see others account users' details?NO
Can anyone get access to My Data Vault?NO
Will my Data Vault be accessible only to ME?YES
Is my Business Laboratory password protected?YES
Can the IMPSYZ platform help me find Climate Solutions?YES
Can Impactivation provide a metrical Sustainability result?YES
Will the use of AI mean my decision-making is sustainable?NO
Will the simulated Impactivation solution be Sustainable?YES
Is all analyses and evaluations “automatically” Sustainable?NO
Can I get expert help to find a balanced sustainable solution?YES
Do I have to search outside the IMPSYZ platform for this help?NO
Can I use IMPSYZ to find technology for sustainable solutions?YES
Can I promote my own technology and services on IMPSYZ?YES
By using Impactivation in my work am I a licensed advisor?YES
Can I become Certified Impact Advisor through education?YES
As a Certfied Advisor can I guarrantie Sustainability to my clients?YES
As an Impact Advisor can I save money for my clients?YES
Can I use my knowledge to avoid risk and improve profitability?YES
Can I use Impactivation as an Investor and finance business?YES
Is it a tool we can use to minimize and avoid economic risk?YES
By using IMPSYZ in Impact Investments will all results be metrical?YES
Can I eliminate social and environmental impacts from the equation?NO
Can a social or environmental project eliminate risk from the equation?NO
Can a conservation project reject to analyze ecoomic impacts?NO
Will economic impacts be equally important in the equation?YES
Will the methodology “allowed” a project to lose or waste money?NO
Are the economic consequences fully evaluated by Impactivation?YES
Can Impactivation both raise profit and lower risk in a project?YES
Is Impactivation logics always to deliver corporate sustainability?YES
Do I need IMPSYZ to impact Climate in my sustainability profession?YES
Will my work deliver measurable sustainability results if I do?YES
Will my work be more trustworthy if I became a Certifed Advisor?YES
By using Impactivation can I show economic benefits to SDG?YES
Will Impactivation help me to fight poverty and extortion?YES
Can it focus on equality?YES
Will Impactivation help me in developing ecosystem projects?YES
Will it create a productive, profitable and sustainable land-use system?YES
Can it help all stakeholders in a conservation and land projectYES
Can I use Impactivation to develop a sustainable tourist project?YES
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