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IMPSYZ encourages collaborations between companies, universities, and other higher public services or education institutions. Our main goal is to strengthen national and international partnerships worldwide. IPP members invest in exploring science, nurturing creativity, and fund multiple sustainable projects.


Define your future and transform Sustainability

You can’t neglect your organisation to focus on planning time; every day that passes without a vision in mind, is quite frankly, a wasted opportunity. When you work with our IPP Members, this process will be efficiently accelerated as you connect with our Impact-Leaders ‒ leveraging your operations as well as improving your Sustainability results, through the implementation of Impactivation Methodology and Technology.

The Impsyz Impact Forum is a Live Forum for Sustainable Systems, Services and Technologies. We organize various Impact Forums and conferences; the main areas we cover are:

  • The Impact Industries Forum
  • The Impact Finance Forum
  • The Impact Innovation Forum
  • The Cyber Intelligence Forum
  • The Impact Business Rating


Impact Industries Forum

Leadership, Management, Technology, Production & Maintenance

Some people consider fuelling Impact-based performance an extreme challenge, especially in this modern world. We, however, see it as an opportunity to shape our developing world. As leaders of such transformation, we continuously strive to solve issues occurring both today and in the future. Impsyz has created a safe forum – a website where you can post and elaborate your thoughts (on a global level) up against experienced professionals and science!

Impactivation to become a business role model
Impactivation is a modern and responsible B2B culture where sustainable approaches can be applied to improve your performance. On the Impsyz platform, you can work with us and take the lead in today’s world of disruption by implementing the Impactivation Operating Model.

Impact Finance Forum

Green Banking, Impact Investments and Sustainable Finance

Industries are currently being driven by the talents of hard workers; this not only improves our infrastructure but also encourages others to help transform this dynamic world. Human capital handles a multitude of financial subjects, using them to increase sustainable profits and growth within our economically sound society.

To raise the impact of your investments (EHS, ESG, EIS, SDG values), you need the right governance team that will help create a lucrative business model.

Angel, Seed & Growth Investment
One of the biggest problem entrepreneurs face is securing enough funding and investments to launch their start-ups, as well as branch out with SEED & GROWTH Funding (usually provided by ANGEL Investors at an early stage). In the expansion phase, you will need both professional support and financial funding from investors.

We seek to find unbiased solutions in a finance world dominated by men, who advise both entrepreneurs and investors in a field that supports the local, national economy. This is achieved by maximising proprietorship ‒ making businesses more profitable through growth, sale, acquisitions or succession exits.

We give you systematic B2B access to a group of members, providing our clients with their portfolios and unique advisory specifically tailored to your circumstances. Every business is unique; and in our organisation, you are treated as an individual with integrity.

Impact Innovation Forum

Science, R&D, Technology and Innovation
Impactivation is a key element in the business industry, as the market is starting to demand more technology-driven corporations and organisations; it helps expand your operation’s capabilities tremendously. You can implement the Impactivation Operating Model and actively make a difference now.

When you work with the Impactivation Systems Limited and IPP (Impsyz Partnership Program), you can accelerate the process by leveraging your organisation and B2B transformation in a safe and professional environment and learning how to resolve issues.

Areas of Focus: Business Products and Services, Clean Tech and Eco-Innovation, Low Carbon and Environment, Computing and Electronics, Consumer Technology, Digital Media, Fin Tech, AI, AR, VR and Blockchain, Financial and Professional Services, Food and AG-Tech, Internet of Things, Life Sciences, Logistics and Distribution, Materials and Manufacturing, Mobile and Telecoms, Renewables and Energy.


Cyber-Robotic Intelligence Forum

The Excellence of System Thinking
By developing the innovative ideas behind “Madam Enigma”, we are recognised for inventing break-through technology with a systematic mindset. We have designed a FinTech concept that makes it virtually impossible to steal money, IP, and other values when stored or undergoing transactions.

Dr Alan Turing. Our propositions have also been qualified by the scientific work of Dr Alan Turing, a mathematician who in 1937 suggested a theoretical machine that became the basis of modern computing. Turing is the famous British pioneer and innovator of the computers and artificial intelligence. He is known for his studies in 1944 where he decrypted the German coding machine Enigma, establishing the world’s first computer in 1945 using a similar way of thinking also found in the logic behind the Impactivation Methodology.

A “Cyber Robot Computer” is a physical machine (like an ordinary computer or a server), yet more complex it comes along with additional Macro, Nano, and VR technology ‒ operated by Cyber-Intelligence Software and the Impactivation Methodology.

By applying this AI and Quantum-based software to our cyber-robot technology, cybercrime will be considered near “impossible”. This means we will finally be able to develop a network that invents revolutionary solutions for a huge and demanding market with larger scaling opportunities.

Impact Rating

Accountability, Transparency, Innovation, Risk and Sustainability

Impactivation and Sustainability is a strong and responsible business foundation that you should provide as valuable incentive for investment. To achieve this, you have to focus on your goals. When you work with Impsyz, you will learn how to find self-funding sources, define success criteria, articulate a value proposition, and build a coalition for transformation.

The Impact Star Rating of organisations conveys the quality in their strategy for launching a business through statistical representations. Your Impact Stars will be visible on your Diploma and IMPSYZ Impact listings; these ratings show all 17 UN SDG targets from your first-year start-up qualification and forward.

The 2020 Global Impact Star*

Because your results matter

  • 2020 Corporate Impact Star* 
  • 2020 Inspiring Impact Star*
  • 2020 Political Impact Star* 
  • 2020 Journalistic Impact Star*
  • 2020 Rising Impact Star* 
  • 2020 Angel Ivest Impact Star* 
  • 2020 The Royal Impact Star* 

The 2020 Global Impact Star* is taking place after a three-day Impact Expo, an annual event where the Impact Star* Statue for best in class GO’s, NGO’s, Corporates and Private persons are handed out by the Impact Forum Jury. The Expo Exhibition and the award ceremony will be streamed and shown for TV viewers during the full three days. Sponsorships, Memberships, Nominations and Participation is organised by the Forum Executive Board and The IPP Champion Board.

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