Virtual Office


Virtual Office






Virtual Office & Receptionist: IMPSYZ is additionally your all-in-one and a one-stop strategic sales, marketing and administration platform where you can begin from as little as £17.20 á month and a step-by-step-based flexible solution. This way you can implement our innovative CRM solutions for your current customers and access all registered IMPSYZ customers and clients by industry or project type and upgrade to our World Market solution whenever you are ready for it.


Trading, Invoicing, E-Bank, Debit card & Payment solution: Our all-in-one Business Hub additionally contain a Billing and Payment-solution with E-Wallet and even an E-Bank solution can be added, allowing you to begin from £22.40 a month in a step-based flexible solution. This way you will have full control over every part of your economic and financial operations. Under your IMPSYZ Impact Platform agreement, you can also register for a variation of Franchise Service Packages using a Virtual Account with E-Wallet, the IMPSYZ Mastercard or connect your business to any of your own bank services


A complete CDM platform for both In-House and International Marketing systems providing turn-key solutions for Start-Ups, SME Businesses and even International Corporations to improve their Impact Profiling and Sales profits, all is beginning outside our ONE-STOP BUSINESS HOUSE and continuing inside its RECEPTION. You can begin from only £11.95 a month in a step-based flexible solution growing with you and you will only increase cost when your profit increases.


The IMPSYZ one-stop Business Building

By pressing a door-bell outside the doors open into the reception hall with a visitor registration desk for your customers and clients, they will be guided to your virtual office entrance doors and into your own reception

Virtual Company Offices

With virtual secretary services, with IMPSYZ service agreement or linked to any systems or services of your own choice

Virtual Company Reception

With a link directly to your own web shop or webpage

Virtual Switchboard Services

Calling your office or answering-machine

Virtual E-Bank and Payment Solutions

Containing invoicing, pricelists, accountants and bookkeeping services, Virtual Currency Exchanges, Phone and Card payment solutions, Trading Platform with auto-trade payments with instant payment, trade funding and sales credit solutions

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