IMPSYZ – a Sustainability and Climate project



Impactivation – a paradigm shift between Economic Developement and Climate Control


  • IMPSYZ is a uniquely and globally first independent AI and Big Data analyst-driven organization providing corporations with an SDG, EHS and ESG risk and sustainability assessment platform where defined market landscapes are simulated, to deliver balanced and profitable business solutions. To achieve cost-efficient corporate sustainability, we have developed Impactivation Methodology, a simple-2-use and logic guiding system where all Business Partners will implement products and services they develop and provide and, possibly projects they are seeking funding, technology or solutions for.

Solution-based architecture

  • Impact Metrics and Token classification with convolutional neural networks. Lean manufacturing, cost control, and waste reduction are imperative for all manufacturing and industrial entities to remain competitive. All faulty decisions made within manufacturing operations and management cost money, delayed production and lowered productivity. The goal is to minimize or remove need for human intervention in operation and concentrate them on impact planning to avoid and prevent instead of today’s often costly “quick reaction and repair” culture where money and lives is speared initially, and loss avoided.
  • IMPSYZ Simulation Technology use Impact Metrics, and Tokens (virtual value units) in the sustainability equation specifically developed to assess user requirements and aims against demands and market situation. The Pilot ask questions, react to answers and leads you towards your specific solution by your input-data kept within the sustainability levels and borders.
  • IMPSYZ is foremost a disruptive decision-making system with a wealth of impact solutions, services and big data availability including a network of invest and finance professionals, scientists and researchers, management and educational institutions, technology innovators, industrial production, engineering and design entities. The platform has a complete band of technology and IoT developers that fit our philosophy of changing the way these systems and solutions are used. 

Value-based architecture

  • The Impactivativation Deep Analytical Risk & Sustainability assessment is part of Impsyz Business & Technology Forum, a platform where Partners can offer and purchase products and services. Partners can find project developers and finance opportunities or offer their services in projects listed on the platform. Every IMPSYZ Partner will develop their internal profile according to interests, products and services they offer, technology or service needs and look for project partners or innovative solutions and systems. Every information and data entered the developed equation, several simulations and tests are made within the “Sustainability Laboratory” until a result is accepted. 
  • The “solution” will be certified and in some cases with an added accreditation, what often will be required by the insurance and finance industry to reduce and avoid risk. Every result will be a best-balanced solution following the IMPSYZ Standard and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and certified as a controlled qualification of the outcome. 

 Technology-based architecture

  • We are currently drawing the Architectural lines for a disruptive impact computer and cyber robotic software using the latest AI and Blockchain technology, new edge and cloud technology for machine learning and 3D virtual reality simulator to combat climate change, prevent poverty and inequality and foremost – deliver sustainability. IMPSYZ – a Sustainability and Climate project

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