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The IMPSYZ Service Providers

will, in general, be the platform\’s members, consisting of SME’s, NGO’s, private entities, small to larger organizations, GO’s, clubs and groups who all offer service and products within a defined field of interest, services and profession. This is part of the unique strategy behind the IMPSYZ One-Stop Business & Services Hub, every member can develop their own organization, professional operation, products and services on this globally reaching platform by networking and connecting with new persons, organizations or service providers in search for new products or technologies or you are seeking to expand your own markets and operations.

The Impsyz Network can be local or global, you can seek new contacts as providers or customers at your specifications, so they can add value to your own operations as you can add value to theirs. Our aim is to provide simple and direct contact with the markets or providers you seek they can be science and research, organizationally or politically or you are working strategically to grow your own operations.

Building a network within Science with R&D often involve contact with Universities and Higher Education Institutions, they are important for your own operations to keep up with market demands and even to find skilled leaders and employees. IMPSYZ Tech Hub will provide you with access to the worlds’ best and most powerful Technology institutions and knowledgeable persons, a network you would likely add value to by being an employer, project funder, donator or a project developer with a paid project idea at hand.

IMPSYZ - Member Services, Pricelist 2019

Simulation Laboratory Test Report£ 850 Including Triple-layer evaluation and single-testing protocol
Simulation Laboratory Full Report£ 1,450Including Triple-layer evaluation and double-testing protocol
Sustainability Laboratory Report & Certification £ 4,900Including 3-rd party verification
Corporate Sustainability SME Certification£ 9,86050 hours assessment, 10 Hours evaluation, Classification, Certification & Diploma
Corporate Sustainability XL Certification £ 36,780200 hours assessment, 30 Hours evaluation, Classification, Certification & Diploma
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