Remote Expert Services


Remote Knowledge Transfer

By using the IMPSYZ platform, you can implement the “Remote Expert” functionality into your own business. Our global and local experts can deliver live expert information and advise. Consequently, novice employees no longer need to wait hours or days for feedback due to location or other constraints. Remote Expert allows a user at a computer to connect to a field worker with an AR wearable (Augmented Reality), such as DAQRI Smart Glasses™ and the remote expert can see exactly what they are looking at, and even draw instructions for them to view. Real-time assistance increases both employee accuracy and cost efficiency, all within a shorter time period. 

Safety and Confidence

Increased Safety and Confidence: In high-stress environments, your workers are confronted with uncertainty in their tasks. Access to correct information, simplified procedures, and successful task completion are critical. IMPSYZ addresses these needs. It delivers hands-free work instructions on your wearable AR goggles , freeing the operator to complete their task without the need to divert their attention by consulting hand-held manuals. 

Drones, Robotics & IoT

Drones, Robotics & Internet of Things (IoT) will operate on IMPSYZ technology providing indications of dangers in the area with navigation instructions away from such hazards. In agriculture, forestry, conservation, land management these services can be developed to monitor humidity, pollination, wind, chemical residues, pollution in general and report back to the IMPSYZ central for information storage. These videos, AR and sensor-based registrations will be impact-simulated in the global IMPSYZ database recommending an accountable and certified sustainable solution.    


With IMPSYZ, your workers no longer need to be experts to successfully execute a task, just qualified. Augmented work instructions can encapsulate years of experience, empowering someone who is qualified (but not quite an expert) to complete a task they would otherwise be unable to accomplish. Even if they hit a roadblock, local workforce can use Remote Expert to talk them through the task by experience, skills and oversight, thereby reducing the time needed to repair a piece of equipment by hours, days, or even weeks. 

Streamlined Data Collection

With the ability to actively or passively collect data from various steps and tasks of a job, less documentation is required post-task, allowing your workers to complete more assignments and perform less data-entry within a work day. Your IMPSYZ Data Vault will safely store all information you create and provide you with access at any time of your convenience.  

Contextually Relevant Information

Contextually Relevant Information with IMPSYZ delivers on the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things. Through IMSYZ, your operator can be given small, bite-sized pieces of information in a contextually relevant manner. Your operator can then make better informed decisions, not being overloaded with information. Moreover, IMPSYZ can effectively prevent an “alarm-avalanche” in emergency situations, where one error subsequently triggers a series of errors in other areas of the operation. 


The IMPSYZ Remote Expert’s Network offers an unparalleled service helping scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians, architects, designers and project developers with innovation and hands-on solution at any place on this planet. We might not be there in person; the hands used to solve a problem or get a job done might not be ours as we use Augmented Reality technology and can remotely advise and support you and importantly keep you safe as we were there in person.

Our aim is helping you and your organization with access to “added knowledge”, based upon great subject knowledge allied with unparalleled knowledge of the innovation landscape nationally and internationally. The Remote Expert Network you will find as a service in your IMPSYZ Corporate Office, providing you with a variation of engagements to use operative as technical strategies and initiatives providing a wide range of knowledge and edge-skills you can benefit from.

All types of Industry and manufacturing businesses, field operations and technical installations naturally seek the right partners to make each project a success. The whole team work closely with their administrative and operation head offices and leaders jointly seeking to deliver positive results without breaching any of the 18 Sustainability Goals. By implementing the Impactivation Methodology into their plans and strategies and seeking the Knowledge Transfer Services from our Remote Experts over the IMPSYZ Impact Platform will ensure they keep on track with each part of the project and deliver an Impact Certificate guarantying the SDG outcome is approved.

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