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The reality of professional activities:

  1. Environment impacts business
  2. Business impacts environment
  3. There can be positive and negative feedback loops.

We aim to find the ultimate and well balanced solutions


The Impactivation Methodology is a unique and globally first sustainability risk and achievement tool for organizations and corporations to critically assess and simulate defined product, project and market landscapes to deliver measurable and profitable solutions and results.Narrowing each field of operations to a manageable level allows you to commence a deeper, more valuable and more appropriate ways for your business and organisation to archive your goals much more quickly by achiveing economic sustainability.

  • The IMPSYZ Simulation Technology is also specifically developed to assess your requirement and aims against the available market offerings, the Pilot asks series of questions to establish your requirement profile and then provides you with a shortlist of global providers directly access able under your fingertips.
  • IMPSYZ offers a wealth of sustainable solutions based on state-of-the-art knowledge, available science, R&D and technology providers, industrial automation and engineering solutions.
  • The final stage of the IMPSYZ Platform is a self-learning, holistic decision-making tool for entities and individuals, aimed at preventing, avoiding or minimizing any adverse impacts, while only approving an impact-evaluated technology that delivers prosperity and secures an economically safe outcome. The Impactivation Success Simulator can be implemented into any existing or new corporate or organizational strategy with an operational plan. The new Impact Strategy will be adapted to all future operations and project developments, the process will secure the outcome is evaluated within a value-based equilibrium.
  • The IMPSYZ Methodology and Algorithms will be available for most IoT and eSIM applications using 4G and 5G networks for high efficiency and low energy consumption. Each simulation cycle uses verified and certified data locally and globally to maximise user experience and accessibility while improving quality and lower operational cost. Impsyz is planning to use both 3D, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Holography to demonstrate how systems and solutions developed deliver sustainability.

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