The SDG Impact Forum 2020

Become a part of the Sustainable Revolution

The Impact Forum will establish itself as Impact-leadership event for dynamic business leaders and executives keen to transform today’s market into a sustainable and accountable market by knowledge-transfer, water security, waste as a commodity, cybersecurity, impact management and impact investor debate around IP security and IP as an asset in your portfolio. 

Expected are over 500 delegates and exhibitors, the Impact Forum will also attract political leaders and representatives from leading authorities and governments, the finance industry and impact investors, production industries and impact leadership, academia & professional associations keen to share their experiences interested to implement impact transformation and sustainable operations across their organisation.

What Delegates can expect

Meet with Impact Leaders, Innovators and Scientists 

Impact Forum 2020 agenda is under development and expected live in October 2019. You will hear about Government Strategies when it comes to Climate Change and its impact on our economy and business activities, direct from GO representatives. From scientists, you will hear about the direct and indirect impacts climate change will have on access and use of commodities, social unrest and migration, market limitation and water shortage. 

From business leaders and executives, you will hear about responsible and sustainable production, technology innovation, business opportunities, impact and ESG investments, sustainable finance and risk assessment, cybercrime and cyber technology and implementation of the Impactivation Methodology for certified corporate sustainability. As a Start-up or SME, you will understand how all of this will affect your project and your business, and why you need to take part in this event.

Topics for Impact Forum 2020

How Sustainability will solve Economic & Climate Issues


The Sustainable Impact Forum 2020  

  • Management – Credibility and sustainable decision-making 
  • Industry 4.0 – Systems and technologies 
  • Responsible Finance – ESG, EHS and SDG strategies 
  • Impact Governance – Transforming business and environment 
  • Innovation – Impact business and accountable success. 
  • Green Finance and Bonds – Impacts they make 
  • Start-up and SME Forum – Platform and organic growth 
  • IP assets and Brand value 
  • Angel and Impact Investors – Deliver accountable impact 
  • Cyber Security – Risk and crime 
  • Low Carbon – Cities, infrastructure, transport, politics 
  • Deforestation and Reforestation – How we will make it work 
  • SDG policies and politics – Why transformation is needed 
  • Impactivation – Transforming Business and Politics 
  • Knowledge Transfer – Education and HUB’s 
  • Innovation and Technology – Finance & Funding options 

Reasons why you should attend:

    • How we use sustainability to fight climate change
    • What new technology will transform decision-making
    • How can Industry 4.0 positively impact sustainability
    • Why EHS, SDG and SDG impact credibility
    • Innovators, new jobs, funding and impact investors


The Impact Podium is waiting for you.

Leaders within every corporation, universities and Academia, GO and NGO occupied with most of these topics in their daily life and work, we seek them to tell us how they have or intend to solve internal and external issues following SDG

Industry leaders from government, associations & leading technology companies all are here to listen, to learn and heard. Among industrial and manufacturing corporations we will be introduced to their studies, the result might be they found a solution ready to, or they have not and need your experience and ability. If you have a story to tell we would gladly add your voice to the sustainable and responsible impact revolution helping companies improve their performance adding and receiving real value from B2B and B2C knowledge.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below and you will hear from us soon.

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