What is Sustainability




or balanced economic viability, or sustainable equilibrium also coined Impactivation all hold the same meaning: A balance within and between natural and ecological values, with human and social values and with economic and financial values in a long-term and responsible symbiosis with man 

How to develop “Sustainability”? 
By using a consequence and value-based equation within the Impactivation Methodology, sustainability is developed because this impact and risk-assessment system also add necessary measurable values or tokens to all parts of the equation. With this sustainability system, you can also ensure to quantify and qualify the outcome of your decision before it’s put into action and you avoid economic loss and adverse impacts.     

How can you be sure the result is “Sustainable”?  
To ensure a positive economic outcome from your Sustainability Equation we are using the Impactivation Methodology, an AI and Blockchain technology used to quantify, simulate and predict results from the equation and compare them against the sustainability equilibrium you are searching. Your initial results can further be adjusted within the Impactivation Simulator and improved until you are satisfied with the outcome. Every Sustainable Equilibrium is case sensitive and will vary, you can never achieve measured and certified sustainability unless every Sustainability Goal, like economic profitability in your project and decision-making process is part of the value-based equation.   

What will Impactivation do for you? 
The aim is to protect you from the consequences of making a wrong decision or activity, and from any major or smaller mistakes made by your executives, leaders or Board in every decision-making process. By using the Impactivation Methodology to achieve measurable and accurate sustainability, you can avoid negative implications from ideas, innovations, plans, strategies, and decisions not yet activated. Impactivation also seeks to improve and grow the economic outcome of your management systems and operational technologies increases productivity and safeguarding your sustainability certification.   


How can you improve Sustainable results?   
By using the Impsyz Business Platform as a member you gain access to the Knowledge Transfer Network including Remote Expert Services for support, services, and advice, you can build a strong and competitive team to work with your innovative project. Your Team will assess all results from the equation during the whole process by using the Impactivation Methodology, safely guiding if you become outside the parameters for sustainability and give you technical, operational and innovative advice until you have developed your profitable and certified sustainability project.         


How can you show proof of corporate sustainability? 
When you’re passed the SIE Academy education or your work and project is approved a report will be issued, this report will be case-sensitive and can/will further contain a third-party verification and a blockchain safeguarding system and finally, the Impactivation approved audit will give you a coded Sustainability Certificate or Certification Diploma proving your credibility. The Certificate is for your profession as an Impactivation Advisor and the Diploma proving your business or organisation is Sustainability Approved. 


Why should we focus on sustainability?   
One significant problem today is the increasing Climate Chaos; others are ignorance, lack of education and health systems, weak and unstable economic systems, low profits in marginal markets, corruption, poverty, inequality, trafficking, and cybercrime; for Impsyz and our members, these are business opportunities. By using the Impactivation Simulator to analyse the market and opportunities evolved we use the sustainability-process to stimulate innovative solutions and protect all developed values within the equation. We know how to make sustainability work and by avoiding adverse impacts we prevent bad decision-making and negative consequences for the future of human livelihood, nature, economy and our business.   

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